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Address and pick-up location:

Quarreux 34, 4920 Aywaille

After your online order, you will receive the backpack(s) either delivered on the date and time of your choice or you can pick up the backpack(s) at our address in Quarreux. (see map below)

NB! No. 34 is located at the very top of the hamlet. There are only a limited number of parking spaces on our site. If you come with 1 car, there is usually room to park with us, but if you come with several cars, it is best to park the cars at the bottom of the hamlet (see the maps below with possible parking spaces).

When collecting or delivering, we ask for a deposit that you can pin on the spot.

 The deposit will be refunded to your account after returning the backpacks.

From no. 34 it is possible to start various hiking routes. A particularly beautiful one is the walking route along the river Chefna. We have placed some routes on our WALKS page.

Parking possibility in the vicinity of the pick-up location:
-From the parking location it is still a 'steep' walk to the chalet where your backpack is waiting..Good for your appetite!..

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